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EcoEnergy Grants for Homeowners

Eco Energy Government Rebate

The Government of Canada provides grants to property owners who complete energy efficiency retrofits based on the energy advisors' assessment recommendations.

The grant amount is based on carrying out energy efficiency retrofits such as replacing windows and doors, heating/cooling systemswith a qualified ENERGY STAR model or increasing insulation of your house.

This service provided by independent energy advisors, paid directly by homeowner and includes: 
  • a detailed energy evaluation of your home before you perform any improvement
  • a "blower door" test to find air leaks
  • a printed report that shows where your energy dollars are being spent and what you can do to improve your home's energy efficiency
  • an energy efficiency rating label that shows you how energy efficient your home now is compared with others in your region
  • a second evaluation to compare performance of your house after upgrades

Your advisor will review your report with you, explain the details and answer your questions.

The residential energy assessment service is available across Canada through a network of home energy advisors. Simply call 1-800-622-6232 to make an appointment or find online at

How much does evaluation costs?
Price for pre- and post- evaluations is paid by homeowners directly to energy advisor. Initial evaluation cost $300.00
Second evaluation after upgrades cost $150.00.

Proof of upgrades
After you have completed your energy upgrades, your advisor will provide you with a second (post-retrofit) evaluation and a new energy efficiency rating label that indicates your home's improved energy use.

Grants toward your retrofit expenses
Only homes that have had pre- and post-retrofit evaluations from an NRC energy advisor are eligible for grants. The grant amount is based on each of the recommended retrofits you have completed and the relative impact the retrofits have on the energy efficiency of your home. For instance, replacing your gas furnace with an ENERGY STAR qualified furnace will achieve a high level of energy savings and will therefore have a bigger grant value. Your energy advisor can suggest the retrofits that are your best options.

Grants are available for work done within a specific time frame, so it is important to talk to your local service organization about the eligibility of your house as soon as you are ready to plan and undertake your energy efficiency retrofits. You have 18 months from the date of your pre-retrofit evaluation to complete the work and qualify for a grant.

It is you - the property owner - who decides what retrofits recommended by your energy advisor you wish to undertake. You are responsible for choosing a contractor and for ensuring that the work is performed properly. It is important that you get a detailed written contract between you and your contractor in order to prevent problems later on. The residential energy assessment service does not assess the quality of the work performed - it evaluates only the retrofit's impact on the energy efficiency of your home.

How do you apply for a grant?
It's easy. Your energy advisor will apply for the grant on your behalf after you have completed the energy efficiency retrofits and your home has been re-assessed. Your advisor will prepare the paperwork for you to sign and will be able to tell you exactly how much you can expect to receive. Your energy advisor will then forward your application to NRCan.

A table of retrofits has been established to show the payment for the completion of each recommended upgrade. The grant amount has been determined by the relative effectiveness of that particular upgrade in reducing energy or water use, and not directly on the cost of the upgrade, which will vary depending on location, local pricing and labour costs, size of house, etc. Note: Refer to Retrofit Your Home and Qualify for a Grant! for grant amounts related to retrofits.

A grant application must be submitted to NRCan no later than 18 months after the date of the pre-retrofit evaluation. You can expect to receive your cheque within 90 days of your follow-up evaluation.

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